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Knitting Techniques: Steeking

Date: 19-Mar-2016
Capacity: Not Set (0% booked)


Knitting Techniques:  Steeking

March 19, 1-3pm

Learn to cut through your knitting with steeks!  We'll start with a pre-knitted tube and end up with a buttoned coffee cozy.

This is the third class in LA's Knitter's Almanac Series.  Homework of knitting the tube for the coffee cozy is required.  The pattern can be found here:

If you are interested in taking this class, but don't know how to knit stranded colorwork, join us on March 5th for Knitting Techniques: Stranded Colorwork.

COST:  $25
MATERIALS:  Knitted tube for the coffee cozy (download pattern and complete knitting the cozy), Size F crochet hook, sharp scissors, tapestry needle, extra yarn.

To make a reservation, give us a call at (970)879-3222.

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