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Christmas Stocking by Ashley B.Thanks for helping me choose fabric to make my Christmas Stockings! They turned out beautifully!

— Ashley B.
Hey Guys,

I just wanted to say thank you for the 2 fun knit nights I was able to attend during the last month I spent in Steamboat.  As some of you know I only live here part-time and due to guests and other obligations I can’t always come to knit night but it is one of the highlights of the times we are here.  This time I was also able to bring my daughter to one of the nights and we really had fun.  She is in her late 20’s and was quite nervous about what “Knit Club” (what she kept calling it) might be like but even though we attended on a very busy night (Feb 13) she had a great time and we came home with some pattern ideas and still laughing about some of the conversation.  Later we found that I had won a book and stitch fix tool in the raffle.  We enjoyed both and she was pretty impressed that “Knit Club” gave prizes.

I have followed your progress as you began your co-op and I have to say I continue to be impressed.  The shop has improved in my opinion so much.  Keep up your hard work and I’ll see you next time.

— Faith M.

Thanks for the great class. I'm so inspired. It was a great way to spend the afternoon. I'm looking forward to many more hours with wool and needles! 

Full Class Description: 

Needle Felting with Lynn!
Begin your needle felting adventure.  Needle felting is a fun and versatile technique using wool roving, yarn or wool felt cutouts with a barbed needle. You can literally 'paint' with colored roving, allowing endless designs. This technique can also mend holes in sweaters and socks and embellish sweaters.  We will be creating a wool pillow case.

— Valerie W.
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