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July Newsletter 2016


Dear Friends:


It's hard to believe it's already the 4th of July! What images come to mind? Fireworks? Backyard BBQ's? Parades? The Declaration of Independence? One common theme to any 4th of July event is the American Flag. Have you heard of Elizabeth Griscom? No? How about Betsy Ross? Griscom was Betsy's maiden name, and she was one tough cookie! According to history, she was one of 17 siblings, was disowned by the Quaker congregation, survived 3 husbands, had 7 daughters (only 5 survived), and she still had the creativity and time to design and sew the first American Flag! Betsy started out as an upholster apprentice, where she met her first husband, John Ross. They would eventually elope and start their own upholstery business.

Apparently, Betsy was shown an initial drawing of a proposed flag design, but she thought it needed some improvements in dimensions as well as a star overhaul. In her words, she said, "A flag should be one third longer than it's width." The scattered stars also bothered her. She suggested they have five points and be in a line or a circle. She was a designer from day one! Like many of us, she learned to sew from an older, female relative. In her case, it was her great-aunt. Passing down sewing skills from generation to generation is still alive and well today, even if it isn't as popular as it was in 1776. So keep that tradition going and pass along your sewing skills!

Happy Birthday America, and thank you Betsy Ross for your "mad skills" in designing and sewing. Have a safe and fun July 4th everyone!

The Sew Steamboat Team,

Nancy, Carol, Lynn, Donna, LA, Blair, Kathleen, Cindy and Cho

Staff News: Cindy Clark

TNNA Summer 2016

In May, Lynn and Blair had the pleasure of attending the Salt Lake City Quilt Show, and in June, I was able to attend TNNA's (The National Needlearts Assocation) 2016 Summer Trade Show in Washington, D.C. This trade show is for wholesalers to show off new and existing products to retailers. They also host business and technique classes. In addition, specialty groups (yarn, retailers, spinners, etc.) have meetings to discuss current industry trends and challenges.

Wow was it ever fun to attend for the first time. I took a social media class, using photography in social media class, "the changing world of the LYS" class, and finally a newsletter class (just to make sure we are doing all right!) I took a picture with my newsletter instructor (Gwen Bortner) - as she jokingly said, "I'm famous! Put this in your newsletter!" So here it is. We did have a great time and I learned so much in her session as well as the other classes, especially from other shop owners.

Market was a LOT of walking, but it was so worth it to see all the new, creative and fun products. In my "travels", I stopped at the Coco Knits booth. Turns out, one of their owners is going to be spending time in Steamboat. I loved their products, and we now have some of their wares on order. I also brought back some yarn that you hand dye yourself (very easy and lots of fun!) We're hoping to have this in the shop this fall. Finally, I ordered some Arne & Carlos self-striping sock yarn (Regia)  that will arrive in August. Stay tuned to Facebook for when new arrivals hit the shop.

It's always nice to get out and learn new industry trends, see new products, and bring that knowledge back to Sew Steamboat to share with you, our friends and customers.


What's On Our Needles: Cho Tin Tun Kirkpatrick


I have fallen in love with Berroco Mykonos yarn. A silky blend of linen, cotton, and nylon knits up beautiful garments and accessories with a wonderful drape that are perfect for any weather! The pattern book #368 Berroco Mykonos offers many modern, minimal, and timeless garments to knit, throw on and wear with ease. At the moment, I am finishing up the pattern Doria, which is a stripped top knitted with two colors (mine: silver and burgundy.) I am hoping that she will be ready by the 4th of July! Next pattern on my list? Odele!

A few tips on knitting with this unique yarn: Mykonos is very slippery and thin, but sturdy. Hand winding is recommended, as most yarn winders will not be able to hold the yarn together in shape. You may also want to use wood or bamboo needles (rather than metal) as this type of needle may hold the stitches better without slipping. Lastly, use a needle protector when project is at rest to avoid dropped stitches.

Enjoy Mykonos and do share your project with us at Sew Steamboat via Facebook or email. We'd love to see the finished results!




Kid Camps: Beginning Sewing

Weds., [June 22nd,] July 6th and 20th, August 3rd and 17th, 1 - 3:30 pm

For ages 8+ that have never sewn before. This series of "camps" will teach the basics of sewing. Projects include a pillowcase, decorative box, pin cushion, etc.

Instructor: Lynn Wunder

Cost: $25 plus materials per session ($125 total for all 5 classes)

Kid Camps: Intermediate Sewing

Weds., [June 29th,] July 13th and 27th, August 10th and 17th, 1 - 3:30 pm

For ages 8+ that have sewing experience. This series of "camps" will expand on the basics. Projects include more advanced bags that include zippers, stuffed animals, and more!

Instructor: Lynn Wunder

Cost: $25 plus materials per session ($125 total for all 5 classes)




Beginning Crochet

Sat., July 9th, 10 am - 1 pm

Chain stitch, single crochet, back loop, etc...these are terms and techniques you'll learn while making this beautiful scarf!

Instructor: Avery Cavender

Cost: $50 plus materials

Learn to Knit: Whimsical Dishcloth

Tues., July 13th, 10 am - noon

Learn to Knit or use this class as a great refresher on the basics! There are so many fun and neat designs for wash and dishcloths. Once you learn the basics, you can go to town!

Instructor: Cindy Clark

Cost: $25 plus materials

Intro to Knitting

Tues., July 5th, 4 - 6 pm OR Sun., June 17th, 1 - 3 pm

Learn the basics in this class: casting on, knitting, purling, and binding off. Everything you need to get started on your knitting journey!

Instructor: Sew Steamboat Partners

Cost: $20 plus materials



Upcoming Events:

Red, White and Blue Sale

Celebrate the 4th of July weekend with us! We will be offering a 20% discount on everything Red, White, and/or Blue in the store. Happy Birthday America!



Pin Cushion Contest

Beginning July 1st we are having a pin cushion contest! Entries will be accepted through July 29th - and we have fun prizes. Check out LA's blog here for more information.




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