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June Newsletter 2015



Dear Customer: 

Summer solstice in the Northern Hemisphere is on Sunday, June 21st, when summer officially begins. Since Steamboat has had a wet spring, all residents are excited to see the sunshine and welcome warmer weather. At Sew Steamboat, change in weather means a change in our crafts too. Our products at the shop have been geared towards summer; come in to check out our new knit fabrics, cotton fabrics and yarn, DK weight yarns, needle felting kits, wool appliqué kits, and many more. Additionally, we are excited to offer many classes to suit our customers’ needs! We have many sewing classes to suit beginners as well as advanced sewers; our Kids’ Sewing Camp with Lynn will begin June 24th. Blair, Cindy, and La will be offering some knitting classes during the month, so be sure to check out our classes below or on our website. We welcome summer 2015 with you! 

From Left: Lynn, Donna, Mariah, Nancy, La, Cindy, Kathleen, Blair, and Cho

Staff Picks: Nancy Paul

Sew Steamboat - Magnolia Classic EliteClassic Elite Magnolia

The Magnolia yarn by Classic Elite is a very nice all season DK weight yarn with a content of 70% merino wool and 30% silk. The colors that are available are gorgeous; the silk in the yarn gives it a bit of a sheen and the feel is very soft. The brown color I chose has a metallic look to it. The colors that are available at the shop were selected by our “Sit and Stitch” one Friday evening. I chose the Magnolia to make a vest for our next Knit -A- Long. The pattern I am knitting is “Cloud Chaser” and is available on Ravelry. This pattern has several different cable patterns and shows off the yarn beautifully. Well, Im not sure if the pattern shows off the yarn or the yarn shows off the pattern. It is a delight to work with even though it is slightly fuzzy. The Magnolia would be great for many projects and I am quite certain that I will knit with it again. Of course like most knitters, I have several projects that I am working on. This is my current favorite project. I am not sure if it because I love working with this yarn or I am enjoying the pattern with all the cables, but I think it is the combination of both!

To find out more about our Knit-A-Long projects, stop by Sew Steamboat, Monday – Saturday from 10am-6pm and Sunday on 12pm-5pm.

What's On Our Needles: Blair Weibel

Sew Steamboat - Run Rabbit Run Wool AppliqueWool Appliqué!

I am currently stitching my way through our very sweet little All Through the Night wool appliqué patterns, making up kits as I go.  Selfishly, I am working my way around the calendar, as it is nice to have a little something seasonal to work on and think about what is going on outside my window, in nature, as I hold a similar image in my hand.  A couple of months ago I completed the rabbit appliqué (Run Rabbit Run), and it has been on display in the shop, and this month I have completed the robin appliqué (Cherry Ripe).  

Sew Steamboat - Cherry Ripe Wool AppliqueBoth are made from wool, in hand dyed solids, plaids and herringbone patterns. The different weaves add nice texture to the image, and the thick woolens add depth and warmth.  I adhere the pieces of wool to fusible webbing with an iron (*a trick I have learned is to press the pieces with my fingers after pressing with the iron, while still warm, but not finger-singeing hot) then I embroider the edges with different stitches-some of the stitches are subtle, some are more showy-to highlight or enhance a feature of the piece.  These wool appliqué patterns are quick and pleasant projects, both because they are small and because when using wool the edges don't need to be turned and stitched as wool is unlikely to fray the way cotton does.  To finish my pieces and for display I pick up a rustic wooden frame from our local Ace Hardware (Lyons Drug Store has some nice, rustic frames as well), pop the project in without the glass, and close the back.  The finished product could also be turned into a small wall hanging or pillow.  They are not tricky, and make a cute little gift for someone (either finished or as a kit) or an enhancement for your own home! 



Knitting & Needle Felting Classes

Learn to Knit: Wash/Dish Cloths

Sew Steamboat - Learn to Knit: Wash Dish Cloths

Tuesdays, June 2nd and 9th; 4-6pm

Description: Learn to Knit! Start with learning how to knit a wash or dish cloth. There are so many fun and neat designs for wash or dish cloths. Once you learn the basics, you can go to town!

The first session will provide basic knitting knowledge, learn the long tail cast on, and the knit stitch. Participants will knit a garter stitch (all knitting) wash/dish cloth. The second session will teach you how to bind off and finish your first cloth, and the purl stitch to start you on the second project.

Instructor:  Cindy Clark

Cost:  $50 + Materials (10%OFF materials with class sign up) 

Materials: approximately $20
-100 yds cotton (or cotton-blend) yarn (worsted weight - can get a couple of colors, one for each cloth we plan to make, or use the same color for both.) Steer away from hand-wash only fibers - cotton is best for this project.
-Size 7 needles (straight will be easiest, but circular works just as well)
-Yarn needle (to weave in ends)

Optional Materials: approximately $10
-Stitch markers

-Row counter

Needle Felting

Needle Felted Leaf

Tuesday, June 16th; 5:30-7:30pm

Description: Learn flat and basic 3-D needle felting with Lynn. 

Instructor: Lynn Wunder

Cost: $40 + Materials (10% discount on materials with class sign-up)

Materials: Needle felting kit (can be purchased at Sew Steamboat). Roving materials will be supplied for class. 

Learn to Knit Socks

Sew Steamboat - Learn to Knit Socks with Blair Weibel

Tuesday, June 16th, 23rd, and 30th; 5-7pm

Description: Don't be afraid of the big bad sock!  Socks are not as hard as they look.  Blair will teach you how to use gauge to custom fit your socks, basic sock construction, how to turn a heel and how to close the toe with the Kitchener Stitch.

Instructor: Blair Weibel

Cost: $75 + Materials (10% discount with class sign-up)

Materials: Sock yarn, knitting needles, stitch markers. All materials could be purchased at Sew Steamboat at 10% discount with class sign-up.

Design Your Own Market Bag

Design Your Own Market Bag - Sew Steamboat

Saturday, June 20th; 3-5pm

Description: Got an itch to create something all your own?  Join LA to design your own market bag!  We'll play with ideas and colored pencils to come up with a fun design you'll be proud to say is yours!

Instructor: LA Bourgeois

Cost: $75 + Materials (10% discount with class sign-up)

Materials: Graph paper, colored pencils, regular pencils, eraser, pencil sharpener

Sewing Classes

Learn to Sew I

Learn to Sew 1 with Lynn Wunder

Thursday, June 4th; 5:30-7:30pm

Description: Become acquainted with the sewing machine and practice sewing straight seams and hems with straight and zig-zag stitches. Sew a simple envelope backed pillow cover.

Instructor: Lynn Wunder

Cost: $25.00 + Materials (10%OFF materials with class sign up) 

Materials: 1/2 yard medium weight woven fabric (or use remnants provided) and matching thread.

Learn to Sew II

Learn to Sew 2 with Lynn

Thursday, June 11th; 5:30-7:30pm

Description: Now that you can sew a straight line. Let's construct a reversible lined bag with curves and interfacing.

Instructor: Lynn Wunder

Cost: $25.00 + Materials (10%OFF materials with class sign up) 

Materials: 2/3 yard of two coordinating cottons and light/medium interfacing, thread.

Sew a Lined Zippered Bag

Sew a Zippered Bag

Tuesday, June 16th; 5:30-7:30pm

Description: Learn to sew a lined, zippered bag or pouch.

Instructor: Lynn Wunder

Cost: $25.00 + Materials (10%OFF materials with class sign up) 

Materials: White 14" nylon coil zipper; could be purchased at Sew Steamboat at 10% discount with class sign-up. Fabric will be provided or bring a favorite fat quarter.

Kids Sewing Camp

Begins June 24th; 1pm-3:30pm (9 sessions or join as you can)

Description: Weekly sewing club for kids 8 and up. We'll be sewing a simple project each week building skills as we go. Some projects will take several weeks. This is a 9 sessions class or join as you can after planning with instructor. 

Instructor: Lynn Wunder

Cost: $25 each class or $200 for all 9 sessions + Materials (10% discount on class materials with sign-up)

Materials: Instructor will suggest as needed. 10% discount on materials with class sign-up.


Upcoming Events:

Yarn Bomb Party!Sew Steamboat - Yarn Bombing Fruits and Veggies

It is not too late to make a little something for our Yarn Bomb!  For inspiration, look on Ravelry, start knitting, then join us on Saturday, June 6th around 10 a.m. and help hang our newest Yarn Bomb installation on our tree out front!  The theme for Summer 2015 is Fruits and Vegetables.  Our Pinterest page has lots of suggestions!  See you on 6th for Fruits and Vegetables (and doughnuts and coffee!)!

Pincushion Contest!Sew Steamboat Pin Cushion Contest

Announcing our Summer Crafting Contest: Pincushions!  Use any medium-as long as you can stick a pin in it!  Sew it, knit it, crochet it, felt it, braid it...Stuck for ideas?  We've filled a board on Pinterest to inspire-look for Sew Steamboat and our Pincushion board.  The Pincushion Party will be Friday, August 14th, from 4-6, during Sit and Stitch.  Drop entries by the store anytime from now until August 12th.  Prizes announced on the evening of August 14th.
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