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Cho Tin Tun Kirkpatrick

Cho was born in Burma (a.k.a. Myanmar) and grew up in Malaysia where her family moved every two years due to her mom's work as a medical doctor.  She loves the oldies and classic rock and her favorite thing to do is have a lazy day where she can just knit or do nothing, which rarely happens in her busy schedule.  Cho loves to try new things and is always up for anything as long as it’s not harmful to anyone or anything.  She constantly sets new goals for herself and strives to reach her goals.  Cho is an educator, teaching Resort Business and Business Information Systems at Colorado Mountain College and is a self-proclaimed techie-nerd owning and operating Steamboat eBusiness. She sees Sew Steamboat as a place to gain many valuable friendships and wants everyone to keep crafting and to understand how much we value them.

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